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Thank you for your patronage of abbigi spa.
In response to the spread of infection Coronavirus, abbigi SPA at The Splaisir Myeong-dong is temporarily suspended. We ask for your understanding.
Period: 4th March 2020 – period undecided
*The suspension period is subject to change.


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We add vitality and care to the skin’s miraculous regenerative ability.

The term “abbigi” is a three-part portmanteau of the Korean word for father (abeoji), “地” (ji) meaning earth, and the English word “ground.” The ground has regenerative capabilities which can create miracles. It is similar to the skin, which restores itself. We begin our lives with the healthiness of the rich, fertile ground that was created at the beginning of time.

The daily treatment life space, abbigi spa, restores the minds and bodies of travelers, provides top-quality skincare that suits the needs of modern people, and resolves their skin troubles. It is a relaxing space that provides the best body & skin conditioning for skin restoration through the skin’s natural abilities.

A special world made just for you–abbigi spa provides a living breathing space where the power of nature is alive and well.


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■ abbigi SPA is appointment only.

■ Tel: +82 2 3789 4588 (Extension: 4948)

■ E-mail:

■ Business Hours: 10 AM - 9 PM (Closed on every Tuesdays)

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