Notice of Construction

Thank you for staying with Sotetsu Hotels THE SPLAISIR Seoul Myeong-Dong.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will carry out the construction to prevent pressure reduction

due to increased gas demand on the following schedule.


* The Construction Section in front of Hotel : from EDIYA cafe to HANGARAM restaurant

– 1st Construction : November 2nd, 8am to 19pm / November 3rd, 8am to 19pm

– 2nd Construction : November 9th, 8am to 19pm / November 10th,8am to 19pm

– 3rd Construction: November 23th , 9am to November 24th, 6am ( 21 hours )


This is the inevitable construction by The Seoul Metropolitan Government.

There will be a road block and noise.

We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences and your kind understanding will be very much

appreciated. Thank you very much.

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